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The Studio of Alice Berkman - Some of the best realism, traditional, impressionistic, and post-impressionistic you'll find.  Ms. Berkman studied with Dimitri Vail, Dallas' premier International portrait Artist.  Alice's style is primo, in fact excellent.  A University of Texas graduate in Fine Arts, Alice's exhibition list from Texas to NY to Amsterdam, shows her a top artist in Texas.  You'll find yourself completely drawn in to Alice Berkman's portraiture, each seems to tell a story, a moment in time captured with a beautiful dreamy quality that makes one want to stay.  What a shame to be jerked awake back into the real world after seeing Alice's art!

Click here to see Artist, Alice Berkman's Fine Gallery!

Jay Ferranti - Born Las Cruces NM in 1959, Jay resides in in Amarillo TX.  He says, "That has something to do with the fantasy nature of most of my paintings, the environment I'm in is three shades of olive drab, changing to ochre and brown in the fall.  As a kid I was prone to daydream anyway, no wonder that part of my mind is muscular.  I've drawn and painted all my life, it's just part of who I am, but did not get deeply into it until a few years ago. I paint when I have time, keeping a slow steady pace and enjoying the trip as much as I can."  Jay has two degrees, in music and in computer programming, check his outstanding art at his site and on Ebay.

Artist, Jay Ferranti!

Panos Pictures is a London-based independent photo agency representing photojournalists worldwide.  Their photographers document issues and geographical areas which are under-reported, misrepresented or ignored.  In a media climate dominated by celebrity and lifestyle Panos aims to provide fresh perspectives on the world.  Panos photographers are available for assignment on every continent.  Their in depth knowledge of local conditions enables them to deliver even in the most difficult situations.

Panos Pictures!

Survivor's Art Foundation - A Non-profit organization dedicated to encourage healing through the arts.  The Site has a free web gallery open to all visual, literary, and performing artists who are survivors of abuse, trauma and-or disability.  Membership is free.  The site features job, scholarship and grant resources, outreach programs, exhibitions, and more.  Of particular interest are two sections about coping with traumatic stress after 9-11, coping with terrorism in today's stressful world and grief support.

A Foundation for Art Auctions!

The website of Andrew Douse, Artist including portfolio of paintings, greetings cards, and his very own cartoon characters, Geoffrey and George.  Geoffrey and George are hilarious!  You'll enjoy any and all of Andrew's works, a multi-talented Artist, Andrew resides in England and is one of the hottest sensations to cross the pond.  He takes commissions on an individual basis and is bound to be one of the most collected English artists of the future.  The man has vision!

The Art of Andrew Douse!

The website of Jennifer Redstreake, Artists works including portfolio of beautiful animal art.  Jennifer sells original art works, ACEOs - Art Trading Cards, Sets of ACEO's, Limited Edition Prints, Post Cards, Art on Framed Tiles, Matted Prints, and works diligently with the A4c - Art for Critters online Animal Artist group who dedicates part of their sales profits to homeless animal charities.  She's one busy lady and has talent, talent, talent!  Her animal art stands out from the crowd.  One of her specialities is her Pastel work, it's outstanding!

The Art of Jennifer Redstreake!

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